10 Things that a Successful Entrepreneur Is

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be able to take on many roles through out the life of your business in order to adapt to certain situations. So here is a list of things that you must be, at some point, in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

a successful entrepreneur is…

A Connoisseur

A successful entrepreneur must be able to critique and manage the less noticeable aspects of a business that have the potential to bring the business down over time. They must be able to look deep into the business and notice things that other people wouldn’t, much like a connoisseur of a fine art.

A Drudge

Sometimes, when the chips are down and times are tough, an entrepreneur must be able and willing to get his hands dirty. He/she must be willing do some of the things that a savvy business person would normally pay someone to do.

A Motivator

An entrepreneur must be a motivator in many aspects of their career. They must be a motivator when trying to sell a product and they must motivate a customer to take action and purchase the product. They must be a motivator in order to make their employees more driven and hard working. An entrepreneur may need to motivate investors to take action and invest in his/her company.

A Brute

This goes along with being a drudge. Sometimes an entrepreneur has to just do whatever needs to be done. They sometimes need to just put their head down and plow through any obstacles that may be in their way, like a true brute.

An Optimist

An entrepreneur will encounter many obstacles that may seem impossible to overcome. They will want to give up and just get a regular day job like everyone else. This is when a successful entrepreneur will think positively and realize that, ” I will overcome these obstacles and when I do, I will be more pleased than ever that I didn’t give up”.

A Decision maker

Being a successful entrepreneur requires an ability to make quick decisions and to stand by those decisions no matter what. Nobody will respect an entrepreneur that is constantly going back on their own decisions.

An Intellect

Running a business involves risk. For every decision there is a risk factor. In order to be successful, an entrepreneur must be intelligent enough to analyze the risks and the rewards and make a decision based on real information, not just gut feeling.

A Leader

An entrepreneur must be able to lead and manage employees, investors, even customers. People are more willing to listen to someone who is charismatic, confident, fair and intelligent, all traits of a true leader.

A Visionary

In order to successfully run a business, one must be able to envision where they want to go with the business. They must be able to set clear goals, stick to those goals and then make new goals once the old ones are attained. Without vision there is no motivation and without motivation there is no action and without action, well, there’s no business.

An Innovator

Innovation is probably the most important when it comes to the success of a business. Innovation can come in many forms. Whether it’s innovation in products, customer service, marketing it doesn’t matter, but without some kind of innovation, there is no reason for customers to go to you, instead of your competition.

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