What is the Cody Principle? How Will the Cody Principle Benefit Me?

the Cody Principle

The Cody Principle of Frugality will provide you the reader with a common sense approach to guide you with in the outlines of the financial education, to get on the path of financial freedom.

One of the core principles of the Cody Principle of Frugality is to develop an understanding of the principles behind financial literacy. Once you understand those principles you can begin to implant and develop a plan to assist you in achieving your goal of being financially free. Your new financial IQ will provide you the confidence to take action and begin to implement your financial plans. You will begin to make wiser spending decisions, and you can control your budget.

With you financial IQ growing you will soon see the differences between bad debt and good debt. Bad debt can be defined as well keeping up with your family, friends and neighbors. You will end up purchasing products that can not help you, but only temporarily satisfied an emotional need. You financial IQ will guide you into making a better spending decision and help you live within the budget that you had set up.

Did you know that the average American family has about $8,000 in credit card debt. If you factor in other debt that is not a mortgage debt, then the average family is facing $18,654 in household debt.

One of the core principles that the Cody principle promotes is control spending. The other principles include that old saying pay yourself first. The average Americans median Net Worth is $120,000, that is according to the 2007 Federal Reserve board survey. So the question becomes How do you increase your Net Worth? How do you control your debt.

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The responsibility of funding your retirement will rest with you dear reader. You need to take advantage of any employer matching retirement funds. So none of your friends, family, co-workers, employers or the government will fund your retirement.

According to the Social Security Administration, as of June 30, 2008 the average monthly benefit to you and your dependent is $1,084 per month. There are 35 million Americans who receive SSI payments. Did you know that some 52% of the American work force does not have a pension? Did you know that some 31% of the American work force has not saved enough for retirement.

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Finally you want to address the issue of protection for you and your family. My common sense Financial education guide; http://www.BrianCodyPlantingtheSeedofKnowledge.com , will address the issues of understanding the roles of annuities, insurance, Long Term Care, Estate planning.

If you follow the outline and principles within the Cody Principle those principles will guide you down the path to your own financial freedom

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