A Guide to Getting Debt Advice: Debt Management Advice Can be the First Step to Debt Consolidation


One of the worst things about debt is that it has the habit of growing of its own accord once it gets past a certain stage. An individual with debt problems may take the decision to stop spending. They may try to get their finances under control. But this may not be enough to stop debt growth in many cases. The only really effective way to do this is to get some impartial debt advice and to find a way to take control of debts rather than to allow them to remain in charge.

Accepting Debt Advice is the First Step to Eliminating Debt

One of the biggest causes of serious debt problems comes from fear and embarrassment. An individual that can no longer cope financially is likely to hide their problems away rather than to seek out debt advice. Being in debt is still viewed by many people as something to be ashamed of even though it is relatively commonplace nowadays.

Most consumers, however, don’t know what to do to get themselves out of debt. They may simply choose to ignore the situation but this approach will make things worse. Their debts will continue to grow and their situation will continue to get worse. Things can be a lot easier if people accept that they need debt advice and they try to get help as quickly as they can.

Talking to a Specialist Debt Advice Bureau May Help

Some people will make a start by trying to sort out their own problems. This is “doable” and there are many tools and debt advice sites that can be useful. Many will, for example, use an online debt calculator to try and help them assess if a debt consolidation solution is a good route to take. Others may use budgeting software to do much the same job.

Many people who have serious debt problems or who don’t feel confident of finding their own solutions will take a different approach. They may, for example, opt instead to talk to a debt management specialist to get some free and impartial advice. Agencies that could be helpful here include:

  • The Citizens Advice Bureau
  • CCCS (The Consumer Credit Counseling Service)
  • Payplan

There are many other websites, companies and individual specialists that a consumer can also choose to talk to. Most will offer free and impartial debt advice and a 100% confidential service. Some will also be able to help individuals to manage a debt management solution once they have chosen it. So, actively seeking debt advice can relieve some of the stresses of being in financial difficulties and can actually help individuals to get out of debt.

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