Skype as a Business Tool

Skype as a Business Tool

Starting a home based business is not an easy task. One of the most important things to be concerned about is finances. Every penny you spend has to go towards benefiting your business. You will have to consider products that will become an important asset to your new business. That is why I try my best to look for products that cost me very little. Despite the fact that I am being cost conscious, I only want to use products that are fully functional and have great quality.

Skype has become one my most valuable business tools. I started to notice that most of my daily work is done over the phone. I started using my cell phone on regular basis for these business calls. Soon my phone bill started increasing each and every month. I needed a more cost effective solution immediately. That’s when I considered using Skype.

I had used the program occasionally to call some of my family and friends. It never crossed my mind to use it for my business needs until I started looking at some of its features. My phone troubles were definitely over when I began to use Skype regularly.

Getting Skype Unlimited for only $29.95 was an unbelievable bargain. I only had to pay it once a year instead of a monthly bill. This saved me a bundle. No longer did I have to worry about how many minutes I was using because it was unlimited calling within the United States and Canada.

In order to have others call me from a mobile or landline phone, I decided to get a SkypeIn number. I was even able to choose the area code I wanted my number based out of. Voicemail was a free feature that came with the SkypeIn number. For those times that I was unable to answer the phone, callers are still able to reach me by leaving a voicemail.

There are so many extras that you can use to customize your Skype experience. For some of my clients, I use the desktop sharing application called Skype Unyte. I am able to share my desktop with them in order to display some of the documents needed. This allows me to basically have a business meeting without having to email them to my customers and then wait for a response. I am able to be more productive with Skype and it has become a necessity for my business.

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