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“The Entrepreneurs” appears to be a retooled version of “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.” It is also going to air on CNBC. It will be shown on Wednesday nights at a nine P.M. central time slot. The Big Idea may have become too focused on the issues dealing with pop culture and celebrity instead of focusing on the essentials of getting that business idea off the ground I was a fan of the show and a fan of the host Donny Deutsch, but the former advertising executive may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Usually when a new show is launched the host gets dumped as well.

This could be a sign of the times as CNBC; NBC’s business channel may begin to be losing viewers to the FOX business channel. I could be overanalyzing the situation as well. The founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely which I believe is a comfortable version of women’s pantyhose which also are not as unsightly in the eyes of many women is the first guest on “The Entrepreneurs.” The other guests will be the creators of the FEED Granola bars. If Deutsch does continue to be on both shows I would worry a little bit about over exposure if I were him.

The story of how the two creators of the FEED granola bars go from being two male models-which is something neither of them really enjoyed doing to selling thousands of units of granola bars to Whole Foods is certainly a unique one as noted by Marketwatch. From Whole Foods the pair would expand their buyers to chains all around the country. It is stories like these that should make you want to watch “The Entrepreneurs” Wednesdays on CNBC.

The story of the risks that were taken to get a quality product like Spanx onto the market is equally as compelling. How Ms. Blakely used her mere five thousand dollars of savings to start her project. The biggest problem that Blakely had was finding a manufacturer who believed in the concept. She said that in the male dominated industry of manufacturing she could not win. This was until the daughters of one particular manufacturer stepped in and said this would be a wonderful product to have out there on the market as noted by the Women’s Leadership Exchange. Blakely hopes to make Soanx as synonymous with women’s wear as the word “Kleenex” became with tissue paper. She was also not trying to be raunchy with the name, but merely to make people remember and laugh when they hear it. Blakely noted that stand up comedians use a “k sound” to get a bigger reaction out of the crowd when making a joke.

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